PO Box 240915 | Milwaukee, WI 53224
Impact Coalition for Families is the community outreach mission of Christian Woman Perspective Ministries. Inc. (CWPM) founded by Alice L. Belcher and Alexis N. Nash in 2004.  The program is a volunteer ministry of women-of-faith addressing the holistic need in the Greater Milwaukee and surrounding area communities, for women, children and families.

In order to meet the need, Christian Woman Perspective Ministries, Inc. founded by Alice Belcher in 1998, became the Sister-Ministry to help formulate this community outreach program.  Initially called, Isaiah's Coalition for Women and Children in accord with (Isaiah 58:12)-"You shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the streets to be safe to live in."  Now called, Impact Coalition for Families, Inc.

Impact Coalition for Families (ICF) provides community education community education to strengthen targeted individuals, families and communities for sustainable change.  Part of its mission is the elimination of intra-cultural violence in the Greater Milwaukee County area, for healthier families and for sustainable community change.  

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